Nebraska Football: Scott Frost has vision for running back Markese Stepp

The coach had a nice review for the Nebraska football running back.

As the Nebraska football program continues to try and make moves in an effort to get better, Scott Frost had some thoughts about one of the newest additions from the transfer portal.

Running back Markese Stepp came to Nebraska football earlier this month, and in doing so immediately helps boost the Nebraska running game. Now, Scott Frost has another weapon to use out of the backfield. At the very least, it will force Frost to use the running backs, something he did not do a ton of last year.

In what was a wide-ranging interview in his first media appearance on Wednesday, Frost talked about what he believes the running back can bring to the table.

For me personally, I believe he can bring a veteran presence to the running back room, and I am excited to see how he fits in this open offense. For one thing, he certainly brings experience ,something that is sorely needed at the running back position.

For his part, Frost believes that veteran experience will be able to help by some time for the younger running backs. I believe that as well, and it was one of the positives that I immediately thought of when I heard the news he was coming to Nebraska.  He gives Nebraska football a nice security blanket, and someone that could help them immediately.

It seems like buying time is the theme here for Frost and the running back position. Stepp allows them to do that for sure. Frost certainly sounds like he has a clear vision for how he wants to use his running backs.

“He was highly thought-of coming out of high school, went out west, kind of the same thing I did, got recruited to go out west,” Frost said. “We were going to be young in the backfield. I’ve got a ton of confidence in those young guys in that room and where they’re going to be, but to get another veteran player in that group and maybe buy some time for the young guys to become who we know they’re going to become will help.”

I will be interested to see exactly how the playing time is divided. I would think that Stepp would get most of the playing time, and the younger running backs would be there to supplement whatever he does. That would make the most sense in terms of developing the younger backs.

In any event, it’s nice for Nebraska football to be able to have options they are comfortable with. Adding more power in the running game will certainly be crucial if Nebraska wants to have a balanced offense. Now, it is all about execution.