Nebraska Football: Tamon Lynum figures to be in the mix for 2021 season

Nebraska football has options at secondary for 2021.

There are several players on the Nebraska football roster with  a ton of potential. Some of the players that provide intrigue are players that we have seen quite a bit. Others are players that we have not really seen too much, but are ones we as fans expect to make a leap. One of those players for me is Tamon Lynum.

I’ve talked about him in the past as a player who can make a name for himself in the secondary. So far, that has not come to fruition. That is not a knock on him, it  moreso speaks to the lack of opportunity he has gotten so far. He was a big part of the special teams unit in 2020, and he could be a player that makes a move in 2021.

When you look at the secondary, there is certainly some talent to be had there. Cam Taylor-Britt returning is certainly an added boost. That leaves Lynum, Quinton Newsome, and Braxton Clark as the three that will have to battle it out for that other corner spot. As far as I’m concerned, the job is anybody’s to win. All three of those players and have tremendous talent.  Lynum them may have a slight advantage due to the experience he gained on special teams last year.

As Brian Christopherson of 247Sports notes, Lynum’s work ethic and his ability to be highly thought of on the roster work in his favor. This could finally be the year that he has the chance to break through. Given his size and athletic capabilities, I would love to see it.

But I also know Lynum was thought of well enough last year that he’ll get a long look to see if he can’t bust on to that two-deep. Not to diminish the skills of those who left from the 2020 class, but I got the feeling even a month or two after his arrival on campus that Lynum was just as high or higher on Nebraska’s board than others from that last batch of recruits when they actually got to Lincoln. He showed diligence to the strength and conditioning part, and now heads into this offseason more formidable in size and knowledge.

In my opinion, it is going to be crucial for him to have a successful spring. As far as we know right now, Nebraska football should have some semblance of the spring season. This could work in his favor as it would allow him to build off what he started last year. He certainly has the athletic ability to do so.

I’ll be interested to see how he progresses. If he progresses at a fast rate, he could be a crucial part of the secondary. Although there is a ton of veteran leadership coming back, there are spots where players like Lynum can breakthrough.