Nebraska Football: Markese Stepp explains what he brings to Huskers

The newest Nebraska football player fits right in.

As a wild week for Nebraska football continues, we are learning a little bit more about what one of the newest additions can bring to the table. Former USC running back Markese Stepp announced he was coming to Nebraska on Tuesday. Now, is time to see what he can bring to the table.

In speaking with Sean Callahan of, we kind of got a little bit of an idea of what he can do. To me, he sounds like the perfect running back for the Nebraska football offense. Because it Nebraska football likes to pass the football quite a bit, Stepp should be able to work to his strengths here in Lincoln.

One of the things that Nebraska football did a lot with the now-departed Wan’Dale Robinson was give him the football and let him work out of the backfield. They did this more so last year, when they utilize them as a type of running back. Of course, Nebraska also ran the swing pass a lot this year, driving some Husker fans crazy. I know it certainly drove me crazy.

Even still, it sounds like Stepp’s strengths should be able to help Nebraska. If they could get him involved in the passing offense, that would certainly be ideal. Especially when you look at how he runs and his physicality, that could help Nebraska football right away. Evidently, there are some other things that he believes he can do well. If all comes to fruition, this looks like a perfect fit for Nebraska football.

“As far as a football player, I really learned about protections and catching the ball. We ran the air raid, so that’s really all I was doing was catching the balls in practice and running routes. That really helped me with my route running. They just helped me become a better overall player, and hopefully, I can bring some of that to Nebraska.”

At the very least, Stepp brings experience and veteran ability to the running back position. I’m excited to see what he brings to the table, and I think he can be a tremendous asset. Nebraska has needed big-time players at the running back position for quite a while now, and Stepp brings that.

The way I envision him in this offense, he should be able to be extremely effective. He should be able to add a jolt to the Nebraska running back room. In a crucial year for the coaching staff, adding players like Stepp could be exactly what the program needs. Now, it’s all about execution.