Nebraska Football: Younger players may get chance to shine soon

Nebraska Cornhuskers fans cheer (Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports)
Nebraska Cornhuskers fans cheer (Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports) /

It is time to see what the younger Nebraska football players are made of.

It’s no secret that the injury to defensive back Miles Farmer was a tough pill to swallow for Nebraska football. The injury is a tough break for a player that I believe had a lot of potential. Nevertheless, it is going to have to be next man up for the Nebraska football program.

Thankfully, the program itself has a lot of depth. There are several young players that are ready to roll if needed, and they may be called into action on Saturday. Whatever the case may be, Nebraska football is certainly lucky to have that depth.

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When you look at a couple names in particular, Noa Pola-Gates, is ready to make an impact, while somebody like Issac Gifford is also ready to roll. In particular, I am excited for Pola-Gates. I covered a little bit of his progress in the off-season, and now is the time where some of the players that I have been talking about for a year or so, step up. They definitely have the talent, now it’s about the execution.

In a year where this football season is particularly unique, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to try out the likes of Pola-Gates and Gifford for example. This is a good opportunity for the program to continue building solid depth, and also for younger players to begin to make their mark and prepare for the future. I am excited to hear about their contributions moving forward, and I believe they will be ready to play if called upon.

Defensive coordinator Erik Chinander shares the same mindset. In what is going to be a difficult test against Minnesota, Nebraska football is going to have to empty out their entire bag of tricks.

"“Noa Pola-Gates is ready to roll. Isaac Gifford is ready to roll at the safety spot,” Chinander said of the depth behind his senior starters. “And the other guys truly embrace, just like when Collin went down, when you lose a brother, then you play harder for them. And if you think you can’t play one more, or you’re too tired, you just think about them not being able to go out there and it will propel you through that series. So I think the guys embraced that it’s just time, let’s go get this one for Myles and let’s go play hard for Myles.”"

The depth behind Farmer is undoubtedly going to be tested. Nevertheless, I think there is good depth there  that Nebraska football should feel comfortable playing. Obviously, I wish that this depth did not have the be tested as a result of injury. I certainly hope Farmer heals up soon.

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In the meantime, some of these depth players are going to get a crash course in big-time college football sooner rather than later. That is undoubtedly a great thing.