Nebraska Football: Unreasonable resistance to Milton-Nebraska scenario

UCF quarterback McKenzie Milton scrambles in for a touchdown against Memphis in the Knights' 31-30 win at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, Tenn., Saturday, October 13, 2018.Jron9884
UCF quarterback McKenzie Milton scrambles in for a touchdown against Memphis in the Knights' 31-30 win at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, Tenn., Saturday, October 13, 2018.Jron9884 /

There has been unreasonable resistance to a McKenzie Milton scenario.

It has been a few days since UCF star and Scott Frost prodigy McKenzie Milton announced that he would transfer schools and in those few days an interesting divide has arisen within the Nebraska fanbase. I have stated that I believe Milton should come to Nebraska, however that is not what this article is going to be about. This will be about the reaction of the Nebraska fanbase and the counter arguments (or lack of) provided by the opposition.

Bill Parcells once said, “You are what your record says you are” and we are 2-4.  We are slightly favored to beat Minnesota and with the possibility of a game added on and maybe just maybe a bowl game the absolute best Nebraska could be; would be 5-4, with 4-4 or 3-4 being more likely records.

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These records range from not bad, to a let down. This is the current climate of Nebraska football and in the face of this the fanbase is adverse to the addition of a player who could be an elite quarterback.

This begs the question of, ‘why?’ I have heard some fans barking of how this would ‘hurt the chemistry of the team’.  Let me make sure I understand this correctly, bringing in someone who could be an elite performer and is by all accounts  a very good team player and a locker room presence would hurt the team’s chemistry? If there is a good thing going within the locker room, that is a good thing as well as an important thing, however that does little to change the fact we are 2-4. And if we still want to be a premier college football program we should not be satisfied with 2-4. We should want anything and all we can to alter that record which brings me to my next point.

There is a universal rule that governs sports: Top teams have top talent and never stop the pursuit of the highest quality talent. In college football, Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State are regularly fighting for the top recruiting classes just as they compete for the national championship. Top programs have also pursued top talent in the transfer portal as well, Oklahoma did not rest on their accomplishments, they went out and got Jalen Hurts in an attempt to win a national championship. In baseball, the Yankees signed Gerrit Cole in spite of having an ace in Luis Severino, the Dodgers traded for Mookie Betts despite the fact they had the best outfield in the game. In the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs made their strength on offense stronger by acquiring Le’Veon Bell and drafting Clyde Edwards-Helaire.

Good teams, successful teams are never satisfied with the present and crave ever more talent on their rosters and the fanbases demand it. Right now Nebraska is not very successful or good (though I believe we are improving) and in order to change this we must bring in all the talent we can. As fans we cannot poo poo away the prospect of a good player, we must welcome talented individuals with open arms. If if the chemistry of the team cannot withstand the addition of a good player and top competitor that is a far bigger problem that should worry fans far more.

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“Greed for a lack of a better word, is good. Greed is right. Greed works.” Michael Douglas said this famous line as Gordon Gekko in the film Wall Street; he was speaking of why greed can be a beneficial thing in the world of Wall Street, and it can be a beneficial thing in the world of college football. For the lack of greed, ambition or desire for success is what I believe is the reason behind the resistance to the possibility of a McKenzie Milton transfer. So Husker fans, I encourage you to be excited about the prospect of McKenzie Milton, and the prospect of every young man who may have interest in our great program.