Nebraska Football: Bryce Benhart getting good reviews in opening week

The Nebraska football freshman was impressive Saturday.

One of the major improvements in Saturday’s loss to Ohio State was the play of the Nebraska football line. They were getting a push, and they were also playing tough. That was a complete reversal from the way they played at times last year.

Unlike last year, the line looked more confident and knew what they wanted to do. Instead of letting Ohio State parade into the backfield, they held the Buckeyes as best as they could. The talent on the line was noticeable, and one of the players who was responsible for the improved play was Bryce Benhart. He was a guy that I talked about a little bit in the offseason as someone who could step up. He certainly did that on Saturday.

The redshirt freshman turned a couple of heads, and his teammates took notice. For a positional unit that was a major problem for Nebraska last season, Benhart stepped up and played well. This was encouraging to see, as he figures to be a huge part of the Nebraska football line in the future. He has the talent and he has the size to really be successful.

Senior Matt Farniok talked about Benhart’s performance to the media on Saturday following the game. Farniok was impressed with what he saw. It’s encouraging to hear a teammate be impressed with Benhart’ performance.

“He showed a lot more confidence and he became a lot more comfortable as the game went on,” said the right guard Farniok. “That’s a huge step forward, and he’s only going to get better from there as he gets more comfortable with the game. … He’s going to be a really good right tackle and he’s going to be very beneficial to be playing next to.”

Personally, I think the kid has a bright future. measuring in at 6-foot-8, 305 pounds, he certainly will his own against some of the tougher defensive lineman in college football. last year, the Nebraska football line lacked toughness. He will be able to rectify that and bring toughness. It’s what you need to have in the Big Ten these days.

I’m excited to see how he develops, and how he will look against a tough Wisconsin team. The schedule does not really get any easier for Nebraska, but this is where you find out what type of players you have in your program. Personally, I truly believe that these upcoming recruiting classes definitely have toughness and talent. Nebraska football is starting to get toughness and talent. Now it’s going to be all about execution.