Nebraska Football: Kade Warner taking on leadership role

Warner looks to be taking charge for Nebraska football.

This is a Nebraska football story that was reported on Wednesday night, but I felt like it deserved  a proper due Wednesday. Nebraska football wide receiver Kade Warner has taken on more of a leadership role as the season inches closer.

According to a report from Brian Christopherson of 247Sports, Warner has been a coach of sorts, inviting players over to his home and giving them whiteboard lessons. How do we know this? Thanks to his roommate Austin Allen, the media was able to get a glimpse into what exactly Warner has been doing with the wide receivers.

For my part, this does not surprise me at all. Warner has always been an under-the-radar type of player. He’s always played hard, yet he’s not the type of player that is going to make headlines. Heading into his senior season this year, his presence at the position may prove to be valuable. Sure, the current group of Nebraska football wide receivers is talented, but they do not have the experience in the Nebraska offensive system yet. Here is where Warner can help out.

He didn’t really receive a ton of playing time last season. Marred down by injuries and the inconsistent passing attack, , Warner never really was able to get off the ground last season. Now, he looks to change all that. I think he’s going to be a receiver that will be able to make crucial catches in key spots this year. He is not going to put up a ton of statistics, but he will be able to provide Nebraska with veteran help and clutch playmaking at the position.

As Allen indicated, he is already taking on the veteran role.

“I live with him and he’s having guys over every Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football … and we’ll have a whiteboard in the living room,” said junior tight end Austin Allen. “And he’ll say, ‘Let me talk you through this offense. Let me talk you through this defense.’ So … that’s helped all these receivers. These receivers that are new to the program as a whole get a lot better.”

I personally love to hear this. Nebraska football is going to need some leadership offensively and it seems as though Warner is going to be able to provide it. This Nebraska football wide receiving unit is going to do big things. My guess is that Warner will play his part in that one way or another.

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For now, he is trying to get everybody on board. Cohesiveness and familiarity with teammates will be key for this unit in 2020