Nebraska Football: Huskers TE trio gaining national attention

Nebraska football is getting national recognition at the tight end position

By now you have all heard about James Carnie’s commitment to the Nebraska football program on Monday. With the commitment, they have gained national attention.

According to a report from Allen Trieu of 247Sports, Nebraska now has one of the top tight end classes of 2021. The other teams on the list are Oregon, Miami, USC, and California.

I may be a bit biased here, but I have to say that Nebraska is definitely worthy of being in the conversation with the nation’s best classes.

When you look at the collection of talent, the obvious top tight end is Thomas Fidone. After that, AJ Rollins and Carnie certainly fit the sentiment of top tight end talent. I think it speaks volumes to the direction that Nebraska football wants to go offensively, as well as where the bulk of their production may come from in the future.

You hear me talk about all the time how Nebraska football ignored the tight end position last year. Now, they would be hard-pressed to ignore it. They have three bona fide pass-catchers coming up in the near future that will allow them to make big plays.

No longer is the tight end position going to be one of little production. Now, tight end is going to be where production is expected.

Given the talent Fidone, Rollins, and Carnie have, asking them to be huge producers would not necessarily be a tall task. Initially, that may sound like a lot of pressure put on them. Nevertheless,  they should be able to do it.

The fact that this trio is already getting national recognition speaks volumes to the recruiting job that Nebraska was able to do. Not only did they get better at the position, they made it a dangerous one for opposing defenses.

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I am really excited by all this talent that is coming to Lincoln. The fact that national experts recognize the efforts that Scott Frost and the coaching staff are trying to accomplish is awesome. Now, we have to see how each of these guys perform on the field. My guess is there will be some exciting Saturdays to come in Lincoln.