Nebraska Football: Wan’Dale Robinson at wideout makes sense


Nebraska football has figured out a way to use  Robinson.

There were a couple of good things during the Nebraska football coaches media availability on Thursday. One of them was a look into how Nebraska football is going to use Wan’Dale Robinson..

According to running backs coach Ryan Held, Robinson is going to be used more as a slot receiver, instead of a running back.

This is a positional adjustment that makes a ton of sense. You look at the depth that the Nebraska football team as at the position, Robinson could add a level of explosiveness in the passing game.

For his part last season, Robinson recorded 453 receiving yards and two touchdowns on 40 receptions. At times, he was Nebraska’s best receiver. Look no further than the game against Northwestern last year as an example. In that contest, he recorded 123 yards.

I mentioned earlier in the year that the depth Nebraska football has be able to help Robinson. Dedrick Mills, Sevion Morrison, Henry Gray, and Rahmir Johnson all figure to be a huge part of the equation for Nebraska. They no longer have to rely on Robinson to be a major producer the backfield.

With the body type that Robinson has, I think that’s a great thing. He is smaller, measuring in at five-foot-10, 190 pounds. He would be much better suited as a receiver. His shiftless and quickness are two of the biggest things he will be able to bring to the position.

With the way he plays, his style suits more of an overall athlete a running back. That’s the best thing about having him on the roster. You can slot them in many different places, and he will have success.

Nebraska football is making the right choice here. I can’t wait to see what he can do at receiver, and I think will be able to bring yet another weapon to the position. Nebraska now has the flexibility with their best athletes at the receiver position.

This is not something that they had last year, and I love to see that they are taking advantage of putting all of their best players on the field. Not  only are they putting all of their best players on the field, this gives them the flexibility to try different options and sets.

I’m curious to see how Robinson will do at the position, and I think he will give Nebraska a dynamic weapon in the passing game. He has a type of athleticism that could make them succeed at every position he plays. For this reason, he should be fun to watch.