Nebraska Football: Mario Verduzco heaping praise on Logan Smothers

Muscle Shoals' Logan Smothers (8) runs against Wetumpka at Hohenberg Stadium in Wetumpka, Ala., on Friday October 25, 2019.Wet07
Muscle Shoals' Logan Smothers (8) runs against Wetumpka at Hohenberg Stadium in Wetumpka, Ala., on Friday October 25, 2019.Wet07 /

Nebraska Football has a special player in Smothers.

There is no doubt that Nebraska football quarterback Logan Smothers is going to be something special. That was evident as soon as I watched his highlights, and just looking at his high school statistics, they speak for themselves.

Just last season alone, he threw for 1,958 yards and 26 touchdowns. He also proved to be effective on the ground, rushing for 12 touchdowns and averaging 8.3 yards per carry.

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When I watch his high school highlights and I see the way he plays, there is no doubt that he could be Nebraska football quarterback of the future. He has the ability and rocket arm that Scott Frost is looking for from a quarterback in this system. Who knows, he could take over once Adrian Martinez leaves. I know, I know baby steps.

In speaking to the media on Thursday, Nebraska football quarterbacks coach Mario Verduzco described Smothers as “sharp as a tack”. That is certainly a ringing endorsement from a coach that has managed to work with some tremendous quarterbacks over the past couple of seasons.

For me personally, I can agree with that assessment. He has a very high football IQ, and knows when to pass the football, running the football, and the vice-versa.

There are many ways that Smothers can take over a game, and he will have the opportunity to show that in a couple of seasons.  the fact that he is not going to lose any eligibility is a huge bonus. He will truly have an opportunity to make his mark at Nebraska.

As for now, Verduzco indicates that Smothers is on the right track to be successful.

"“It’s a great opportunity for him, and he would love to play without losing any eligibility,” Verduzco said. “So he’s ready for that. With regards to his playbook test and all that craziness, he’s sharp as a tack. So he’s ready to go in terms of that. So if we decide to put him in a game, if Frost wants to, Lubes wants to, he knows what he’s doing.”"

I personally love to hear this. It reminds me of the praise that was heaped on Luke McCaffrey when he first came into the program. I can’t wait to see what Smothers can do, and his play style fits exactly what Nebraska wants to do.

Right now, it’s only a matter of time, and I think Smothers’ time will come soon. He is built for this offense, and he is made for it. I’ll be interested to see exactly how he runs this offense when the time comes, and  how much of an impact he will have. My guess is, he will have an impact in a huge way.