Are we there yet? Fans are hungry for Husker Football to return

Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Neb., hours before kickoff of the 2019 Heroes Game between Iowa and Nebraska.Memorialstadium
Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Neb., hours before kickoff of the 2019 Heroes Game between Iowa and Nebraska.Memorialstadium /

Husker football is back!

I know it seems like forever since we saw Big Red play at Memorial Stadium. I won’t even pretend to characterize it as “patiently” waiting. We will continue to wait for Husker football to suit up and forget all about watching it at Memorial Stadium for now.

It’s rumored that family will be allowed to enter the stadium. They should be allowed! And it’s possible that I may or may not be looking into adopting a player so that I can get in too.

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To quickly recap things, B1G Ten Commissioner, Kevin Warren said there would be NO B1G football and that decision would NOT be revisited. If you believe what that has been running back from Michigan said, Scott Frost’s next move was to say Nebraska wanted to leave the B1G Ten.

I certainly hope your primary and/or secondary education has taught you better about context, listening, and comprehension. Clearly Michigan failed Mr. Howard in that respect. And at that point in time it was “Nebraska Husker Football against the world.”

Fast forward past Kevin Warren’s immense ineptitude and lack of leadership and the B1G is back on the schedule and finally starts playing October 24! I’m not going into the whole debate about the new schedule for the Huskers starting off with Ohio State and Wisconsin back to back.

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However, scheduling is about the who, where and when. (actually something I heard a former Ohio State coach say) No doubt the B1G wanted to smack the Huskers on the nose for being an upstart but whatever. To be the best, you have to beat the best. Agreed. But there is also a reason why you put non-conference games at the beginning and leave heavier matchups until later. For the B1G to say “when” you play doesn’t matter to Husker faithful, then why did they put the Michigan/OSU last.

Moving on, think about what you would need to see to call it a “successful season” for Big Red. Defining a “winning” season can be just as simple as getting to play all 8 games. It can be no one getting hurt. It could be a 4-4 record given the fact we play the two toughest crossover opponents in the East Division.

It could be Husker quarterback Adrian Martinez being back to freshman form. For more on Adrian Martinez, click here.  For me, it may be beating Wisconsin. I also want to crush the yellow team. What is a winning season for the Huskers this year is a fluid concept for me. More on that as the year progresses.

Lagniappe: (that’s LSU talk for a lil something extra) On the lighter side, I applaud linebacker Coach Barrett Ruud’s ability to let his hair grow. I say go full on mullet and bring back those curls!

Damien Daniels’ nickname is Snacks. I want to know all of the nicknames now. Dboogie is cool enough as a twitter handle but “Snacks” is just awesome!

Keep an eye on Husker Rahmir Johnson and where he falls in the RB depth chart. The kid ran the 100 meter dash in 10.5 back in high school. Finally lots of options in that Husker running back room and it will give Wan’Dale Robinson a break from the body pounding.

This is where I’ll usually put in my spin on a tailgate menu item or drink. Even though there won’t be ANY tailgating allowed on campus (I confirmed this with the University) I will still toss in my recipes and suggestions in my future articles. Husker fans will have to get creative this year.

In the meantime, hit me up with your favorite recipes, photos and recommendations for tailgating this season on the Twitter @Kelian_NE and as always, GO BIG RED!