Nebraska Football: Matt Lubick likes versatility of offensive personnel

Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Neb., hours before kickoff of the 2019 Heroes Game between Iowa and Nebraska.Memorialstadium
Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, Neb., hours before kickoff of the 2019 Heroes Game between Iowa and Nebraska.Memorialstadium /

The Nebraska football coach certainly has a lot of work with.

When you think about how fast-paced the Nebraska football offense is, it truly is impressive. Scott Frost-led teams often do not waste time getting to the line and trying to make plays. The combination of the fast-paced offense and Matt Lubick should be able to be a deadly combination.

So far, Lubick has enjoyed working with the offense. In speaking to the media earlier this week, he indicated that he really liked the variety the offense brings to the table. He likes the fact that Nebraska has playmakers that can be used in all areas of the field.

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When you think about the Nebraska football offense last year, some playmakers were left hanging. In particular Kanawai Noa was one who I thought was underutilized. However, that seems like it’s going to change, and Nebraska football certainly has the personnel to run a multi-look, big-play operation.

Just consider what both Frost and Lubick’s influences are. The PAC-12 by nature is a very wide-open league. Offense is the name of the game in the conference. That works for the conference during the course of the regular season, as they often have exciting games.

It works against them in the postseason, as PAC-12 teams usually get beat by teams with good defenses. In any event, the league is wide open . So too is the Nebraska football offense.

In listening to Lubick talk, it’s clear that he cannot wait to use all of the weapons that Nebraska football has provided him. If I was him, I would be equally as giddy. When you think about how explosive his previous offenses were, and what they were able to accomplish, there is no reason that this Nebraska football group cannot be just as successful if not better.

"“The thing I love about this offense is we’re able to adapt to our talent,” Lubick added. “We do have some components of pro-style, we’re able to run the ball downhill. We’re also able to get the ball to our playmakers in space. We’ve got to continue to do that. That’s one of the things I’ve always loved about this — dating all the way back to Oregon — is just the flexibility. We have all the run game that you see from an NFL team on Sundays and we have the ability to drop back and throw it and we also have the ability to read guys in the run game and get off a lot of plays and do it fast.”"

I’m excited to see what he can do with this group. I truly think he will get the most out of these players. That’s something that we didn’t see last year. Some players were not playing to their full capabilities on offense. I truly believe that will change this year.

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In any event, it should be a fun season. Lubick now has a full toolbox that he can use to his advantage. How he will use it is anyone’s guess.