Nebraska Football: Rex Burkhead the x-factor in Patriots win

The Nebraska football alum played well.

A Nebraska football alum played at a high level with the New England Patriots on Sunday. Running back Rex Burkhead carried the ball six times for 49 yards and a touchdown.

He also caught six passes for 49 yards and two touchdowns.

He was truly a dual-threat for New England in this game. It seemed like he was involved in every play, and he was able to make an impact for the Patriots. With the way New England’s running back room is set up, there is not a lot of individual playing time to go around. New England has a stacked running back room, which is good for the Patriots in the sense that they can use different running backs in different situations.

It’s not good for somebody like Burkhead, who is on the lower part of the depth chart. Nevertheless, he was able to make an impact on Sunday, and he showed exactly why he is so valuable to the Patriots. His speed and his ability to swerve around defenders is definitely an asset. Quarterback Cam Newton threw several screen passes. Burkhead was able to take those passes and get into the open field and find green grass. As a Patriots fan, that was certainly good to see. He didn’t waste time dancing around trying to make multiple moves. Instead, he just caught the ball and ran up field.

Burkhead is becoming a vital part of the Patriots running back room. The Nebraska football alum has the ability to be able to do it all. He is the type of versatile running back Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is looking for. As a Patriots fan, I was excited when they signed him. I knew what he could bring to the table, and he has certainly brought that to New England.

It will be interesting to see how he fits into the New England Patriots offense moving forward. His versatility should allow him to be used in multiple situations. Then again, you never know with New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick. It always seems like he has something interesting up his sleeve.