Nebraska Football: Finally, Big Ten Football is Back!

Big Ten football is back, and the phrase that perfectly describes its resurgence comes from Northwestern University President Morton Schapiro, “Our facts changed, so our minds changed.”

After all the discussion and careful consideration, the Big Ten made the popular yet difficult decision to allow their universities onto the gridiron for the 2020-2021 season.

The shutdown of all fall Big Ten sports on August 11 left a gaping hole in the hearts of many Big Ten fanatics and the players and coaches involved.

The whole process to get to this point has been a whirlwind. It made me wonder the change what the Big Ten may have said to the schools that were not entirely on board during the first round of votes that ultimately led to a shutdown, to the change of heart,  to now be ready and willing to allow their “student-athletes” to play again. But either way, Husker Saturdays are on the horizon.

One thing that was made clear during Wednesdays press conference that featured the six members of the “Return to Competition Task Force” was their ability to test players and staff across all fourteen programs daily.

This was a huge deciding factor in helping change the minds of those who were on the fence , and also helped further reassure those that were all in on the idea of playing football.

You have to give credit where credit is due. Yes, Kevin Warren got a lot of backlash for his decision in early August. Did the Big Ten handle everything correctly? Absolutely not. However, the conference redirected and made the right decision, and at least football can be attempted this year.

I can’t help but think that due to Nebraska’s football team, whether it be Scott Frost or the “Nebraska Eight,” Nebraska put some heat on the Big Ten.

It’s crazy how one minute you can go from thinking, “Are the Huskers Big 12 bound, to now getting ready to gear up for yet another Big Ten season?”

Another thing that stood out during Wednesday’ss press conference was Nebraska’s lack of representation during the broadcasts.

Other coaches such as Penn State’s James Franklin to Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz got air time, yet no Scott Frost. I was not surprised by his absence but was a little shocked by the lack of credit given to Nebraska’s program for the Big Ten’s ability to even be in the position to have a season.

Good old Urban Meyer stayed true to his Buckeyes and let the world know if it weren’t for the Buckeyes, Big Ten football would not exist this season.

I won’t slam him too much. He did give Nebraska and Iowa a little credit.

Still, typical Big Ten when the house is burning, let us blame Nebraska. When everything is hunky-dory, credit goes elsewhere.

This is just my take, but would I have hated a move to the Big 12? Definitely not. Especially for what we’re trying to do offensively, the Big 12 would be an excellent fit. But, I digress.


Schedule Update:

In case you missed it, Nebraska’s schedule was released today. I guess this is what we get for stirring the pot courtesy of Lincoln 1011 Sports Anchor Dan Corey

Despite all the craziness, I am ready to see the Huskers take the field this season.

For me, it will be interesting to see how we come out of the gates week one given the quick turnaround. I’ll also be following to see how the other teams in the Big Ten fair in their first games.


Overlooked Hurdle in the COVID-age of Husker Football

No public ticket sales = No Sea of Red

The 2020 college football season has created a lot of hurdles, and though everyone is happy that Big Ten football is a go, I can’t help but wonder what not having 90,000 fans in the stands will do for the Huskers this year.

Artificial crowd noise will have to do, but I must say, there are just some things fake noise can’t replicate.

It definitely can’t re-create the of ear-shattering decibels that echo outside Memorial Stadium every Saturday. To me, crowd noise is crucial, especially during momentum-changing situations such as a late-game interception in a close game.

Crowds affect the outcome of games, ask the 2014 Miami Hurricanes.