Nebraska Football: Health procedures seem reasonable for return to action

What will the health procedures be in order for a Nebraska football season to happen?

As Nebraska football gets set to resume, it’s interesting to look at the strategies the Big Ten has in place for making it safe.

As a report from Brent Wagner of the Lincoln Journal Star notes, the Big Ten testing policies will be stricter than the ACC and SCC. Those two conferences requires three weekly tests.

Testing will begin on September 30. If a player is positive, they cannot play in games for a minimum of 21 days. That may seem a little bit excessive, but the way I see it right now, football is coming back.  If this is what they need to do to be sure everybody can play, then I am all for it.

Other highlights of return to play policies include positivity rates. If Nebraska football has a 7.5% positivity rate, they will have to stop regular practices in competition for at least seven days.

Looking at the bigger plan overall, this is one that seems well thought-out and ensures safety. There are clear standards and procedures involved in this, and everybody is not being left in the dark like they were when the Big Ten decided to cancel the season. It’s good to see all of these things written out to avoid any confusion.

All in all,  the procedures do not sound out of line, nor do they sound unreasonable. Everybody just wants to make sure they can play football while being safe. We all know that the Big Ten has not been transparent in regards to their initial decision to cancel the season. However, I have to give them credit for being transparent here. At the very least, they’ve given everybody clear guidelines on how this season will be run and given the players idea of what to expect in order to play.

I’m excited to see this upcoming Nebraska football team. Nebraska football has been working hard at building this roster over the course of the offseason. Now, people have found a way to make a season happen, and we will get to see this roster firsthand. The procedures to play safely sound very manageable.

I’m certainly happy that the Big Ten has managed to figure out a way to play safely, all while ensuring that teams can actually play. Nebraska football has been one of the more vocal programs when it came to wanting to play. Now, they have their wish. Let’s just hope they can make the most of it on the field.

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