Nebraska Football: Talented CB John Howse being linked to Huskers

Can Nebraska football land another talented corner?

There is a little bit of Nebraska football news to report on this fine Thursday as the Huskers made the top six for defensive back John Howse.

Howse is the 60th overall cornerback in the 2021 class, and 18th overall player in his class from the state of Tennessee per the 247Sports Composite Rankings.

In addition to Nebraska, he also has offers from the likes of Kansas, Michigan, and Vanderbilt.

What could he bring to the table for Nebraska football? measuring in at six-foot-two, 185 pounds, he is the ideal size for a cornerback.

When I watch him play, I see a player that is very quick to react to the football. He may not be the fastest player on the field, but his reaction time makes up for it. To me, he looks like the ideal Nebraska football corner. Not only does he do a decent job of covering a receiver, but he can also come down and make a play. This is exactly the type of corner that Nebraska needs moving forward.

More and more, defensive players are becoming physical and athletic. It’s the way that defenses have to play these days. Howse certainly fits that bill. In particular, he does a nice job of making plays on outside receivers. This forces receivers to have to think twice before going up field. His solid tackling does not allow the wideouts to gain extra yards. This could be very beneficial for Nebraska. For instance, it seems like at times last year, the secondary could not tackle. Howse certainly does that.

Currently, the 2021 Nebraska football recruiting class ranks 22nd overall nationally and sixth in the Big Ten per the 247Sports Team Rankings. They have been focusing on the cornerback position in this class as  Ladarius Webb Jr. and Malik Williams both fit that description. They are extremely talented, and adding a guy like Howse to that mix would make the secondary that much better.

It will be interesting to see if Nebraska will be able to land him. He would be another great athlete for the class, and it would certainly be another big get for a class that is going to pride itself on grittiness and toughness. It will be exciting to watch his recruitment over the next couple of days, and I have a good feeling he may trend to Nebraska.

Currently, 247Sports Crystal Balls have him trending to Lincoln. Out of two predictions, Nebraska has landed a high prediction and a medium prediction. This could only bode well for the future.

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