Nebraska Football: State senators want transparency from Kevin Warren

The push for Nebraska football continues.

The desire to play a Nebraska football season is very strong. Opinions are running high from all circles of the Nebraska football community. Now, state legislators are getting involved.

A bipartisan group of 28 state senators signed a letter to Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren in addition to the conferences Council of Presidents and Chancellors. What they want is for the league to reconsider the season in a transparent way.

I personally do not think that they are asking for too much here. It aligns with what the Nebraska football parents want. All anybody wants in this situation here is transparency. So far, there has been none from the Big Ten, and it’s a little bit interesting as to why there has been none. The lack of transparency has been a bone of contention for everyone affected by a lack of the season. Quite honestly, I don’t blame anybody for being upset about the lack of transparency.

What’s so hard about it? Continually,  everything I’ve heard has indicated that parents and others  affected by a lack of the season want data and an explanation as to why football cannot be played. I personally do not think that’s asking too much. I feel like that’s a very reasonable request.

It’s interesting that the Nebraska state legislature, or at least some of it, is getting involved. To the Big Ten, the voices of the parents and the kids may not matter. A letter from some of the state legislature should at least get the conference’s respect and attention. We will see if this letter moves the needle at all or if it will just be another futile attempt at getting the season going. If I was the Big Ten, I would certainly pay attention to this letter.

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In any event, I give some of the Nebraska Legislature a credit for trying. Everybody just wants to know if football can be played and how safe it can be played. If there is certain data that will help the powers that be determined that, then that may increase the likelihood of the season. Who knows? It never hurts to try, especially in a situation like this.

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