Nebraska Football: Luke Reimer could be welcome surprise at linebacker

Reimer could be huge asset for Nebraska football in 2020.

When you take a look at all the linebacker talent that Nebraska football has, it’s easy for some of the players to get lost in the shuffle. Luke Reimer would be one of those players.

As a freshman last season, he played in 10 games, quite a bit for a true freshman. He tallied 11 tackles including one tackle for a loss. He made his debut against Colorado, in what was a heart-wrenching game. Seeing action on special-teams, he recovered a fumble on Nebraska’s kickoff coverage unit.

Now, he looks to make an even bigger impact in his sophomore season. He’s not one of the more flashy names that Nebraska football has at the position. He does however have that dirt dog type of mentality.

That certainly a great thing for a player to have, especially at the linebacker position. That type of mentality is going to make him stand out, especially at a position that is so crowded.

According to a report from Parker Gabriel of the Lincoln Journal-Star, Reimer spent most of the lockdown working with a local trainer.

When you look at his body type, he is the quintessential linebacker. Measuring in at six-foot-one, 220 pounds, Reimer is the type of smaller linebacker that you need in today’s game. No longer are big thumpers the only answer at the position. Shorter, versatile players have now become necessary.

I would certainly put them in a good position to make some noise at linebacker this season. The fact that he already has a bunch of playing time from last season works in his favor.

He is not going to be a player that is going to make headlines every single game, but he is going to be a player that, to borrow an NBA phrase, can give you solid minutes. Especially in the fourth quarter, that type of versatility will be crucial.

This is the year that he could potentially put it all together. I’m looking for him to have a big year. I do not think his big year will come statistically. I do think it could come in the form of filling gaps and pressuring the quarterback. Maybe he won’t get the sack, but he could be the one to fly in the face of the quarterback.

As Dallas Cowboys linebacker Luke Gifford told the Journal-Star, Reimer has a lot going for him.

“He’s a stud, man,” former Husker and second-year Dallas Cowboys linebacker Luke Gifford said this spring. “He’s going to be a really good player. That kid is rocked up out of his mind and he’s a freak athlete.”

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Now, it’s up to him to continue that reputation of being a stud. Momentum is certainly in his favor. Now he just needs to continue trending in the upward direction