Nebraska Football: Ezra Miller is perfect low-risk, high-reward pick up

Nebraska football was on the receiving end of a former Iowa commitment.

Nebraska football got a bit stronger on the offensive line Monday , adding tranfer lineman Ezra Miller to the roster.

Miller was a former Iowa Hawkeye,  who retired in January due to reported ongoing back issues. As noted in a report from the Omaha World-Herald, he actually retired from football because of depression.

On May 21, he entered the transfer portal. Now, he is headed to Nebraska. He is definitely a strong addition to a program that seems to be firing on all cylinders in recruiting. Miller is expected to join the Nebraska football program as a walk-on. As a result, they will have one scholarship left to use.

This is a big pickup for the Nebraska offensive line. In high school, he showed tremendous blocking ability. When I watched some of his highlights, it was evident he was able to get the upper-hand on his man with ease.

Measuring in at six-foot-six, 305 pounds, Miller will certainly add size to the line. He should be able to use his size to push back defenders. That will definitely be helpful in the running game. Especially with the running backs that Nebraska football will have in the future, he could be a key component for its success.

He will have to apply for a waiver in order to play in 2020. As he told Evan Bland , he seemed to be set on Nebraska about a week ago.

“I said, ‘Yep, this is the place for me and the next step,’” Miller said. “I really like the coaching staff. I’m really happy they gave me a second chance.”

This is a win-win situation for Nebraska. They have a bunch of players  on the line, so it’s not like this is an area of need so as to make this pick up a risk. In addition, Miller has a ton of talent. If he makes the roster, they have yet another player on the roster that can make an impact. The fact that he came from Iowa makes it all that much sweeter. This could just be another interesting subplot in the rivalry.

It seems like everything that Nebraska football and baseball have touched in terms of recruiting these past couple of weeks have turned to gold. This is certainly encouraging for recruiting efforts moving forward. There were concerns last month that recruiting was on a bit of a slow slope. Now, things seem to be picking up at a rapid pace. I’ll be interested to see who else they can get, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some fireworks over this next week or so.