Nebraska Football: Marvin Scott III’s potential has me excited for future

Scott could be a key piece for Nebraska Football.

As we take a look at the Nebraska football running back room  and the different styles of play each one presents, it’s fascinating to realize how much they truly bring to the table. For freshman Marvin Scott III, he is no exception to this. He should figure to be a big part of the equation at running back not only now, but in the future.

As I read more about him, I am encouraged by the fact that he seems versatile. Initially when Nebraska first began recruiting him, I thought he was more of a bruiser-type of back. Apparently, that’s only one asset he brings to the field.

Although he measures in height-wise at five-foot-nine, he weighs 200 pounds. In other words, despite his height, he will be difficult to bring down.

Along with his toughness and apparent durability, he brings with him a successful high school career. Recording 7,490 rushing yards and 90 touchdowns for his high school career, that ranked him sixth in Florida school history.

Some seniors may take it easy on the field their senior year. Scott was an exception to that. He ran for 1,477 yards and 18 touchdowns.

Of course, these numbers don’t necessarily matter as he heads to the college football ranks. However, it’s nice to know that he has a track record of getting the job done. As noted in a report by Brian Christopherson of 247Sports, the coaches are impressed with what he can bring to the table. Quite honestly, I am too. When I first saw his benchpress video on Twitter, I was amazed that he was only an incoming freshman.

Christopherson spoke with Sean Beckton early in Scott’s recruiting process, Beckton himself was amazed at the attributes Scott brought to the table.

As Beckton once noted to the Daytona Beach News-Journal,  “He had the baby face, still kind of does now, but you could see the God-given talent as a young kid. When I first saw him, I thought the kid was going to be special. He’s a phenomenal athlete who runs with great power.”

I personally am excited to see Scott play. I even think he can get some playing time this year. It’s going to be a crowded backfield, and it will be interesting to see who can separate themselves. Scott is one of the guys that should be able to separate himself from the rest of the pack.

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As I have said time and time again, Nebraska football has recruited the running back position well. At first glance, Scott appears like he can be proof of that. Of course, we will all see how it plays out on the field. However, with Scott in the fold, it’s hard not to think that Nebraska football is in good hands.

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