Nebraska Football: Addition of receiver Levi Falck certainly intriguing

Nebraska Football added a wideout on Wednesday

Nebraska Football continues to add players to the roster, and Wednesday was no different. According to a report from Michael Bruntz of 247Sports, Nebraska added wide receiver Levi Falck, a graduate transfer from South Dakota.

Falck announced his decision via social media.

He caught nine passes for 85 yards in six games last season for South Dakota. He had more of an impact in 2018 as he caught 45 passes for 92 yards. Overall, he played decently for the Coyotes in 24 total games. He caught 70 catches for 774 yards and two touchdowns.

This is certainly an interesting addition. On paper, Nebraska football already has a ton of depth at wide receiver. This addition makes me question the status of JD Spielman. If Spielman comes back, we certainly do not need additional depth. Depth is always welcome, but it’s not necessary. This makes me wonder if Spielman is coming back, or if he will not play in 2020. Full disclosure, I know as much as you do.

In any event, the tinkering begins. Falck is entering a very good situation for himself. Matt Lubick presided over a Oregon offense that was extremely successful from 2013-2016. For instance, Oregon set a school record for total offense in a season with 7,345 yards in 2013. Lubick is known for getting the most from his players, and putting them in positions to succeed. Maybe this is a situation for Faulk that could be advantageous.

I’m not expecting Falck to put up big-time numbers. I do think he can be serviceable in the passing game. Too much depth is never a bad thing at the end of the day, but I’m wondering what the motive was for Nebraska to go after him. I’ll be interested to see him play, and I will be interested to see him in action.

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As the Nebraska football program enters 2020 with a different group of receivers ,the offense should look different as well. Let’s hope it leads to success sooner rather than later.

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