Nebraska Football: Noah Vedral’s parting praise of QB room holds weight

The former Nebraska football quarterback had high praise for the current group.

Upon departing Nebraska football for Rutgers on Wednesday, former Nebraska football quarterback Noah Vedral had nothing but good things to say about the quarterback room.

When you take a look at the talent in the room, there is no doubt that Nebraska is well-stocked for the future. With players such as Adrian Martinez, Luke McCaffrey, and Logan Smothers all expected to compete at the position, it should be interesting to see how it all shakes out.

Quarterback is one position that Nebraska football has done really well in terms of recruiting. I don’t blame Vedral for leaving. Like I said when it happened, Vedral was smart to transfer.

In an exit interview with the Lincoln Journal Star earlier this week, he had nothing but good things to say about the future at the position for Nebraska. In addition to  the trio, Vedral had praise for Matt Masker and Brayden Miller. It was interesting to hear him give such a comprehensive assessment of the room in the interview.

“Don’t forget about Matt and Brayden,” he added. “Those two kids are kind of the soul of that room and they hold us all together. They’re grinders, man. They do a lot and nobody really ever recognizes that they deserve some recognition for being part of that room. They’re just as much a part of it as the other three. They’ve got a special quarterback room.”

It’s encouraging to hear those words from someone who has been a part of the quarterback room over the past couple of seasons. It gives me hope for the future. Yes, five quarterbacks is a lot for one room. However, at least head coach Scott Frost and his staff can have options. Now, they can plan for the present and the future.

Vedral’s words certainly hold the weight in the grand scheme of things. He knows what these guys are capable of. It was kind cool to hear him offer such big praise, especially since having too many options at quarterback was probably one of the reasons why he transferred. It will be interesting to see how he does at Rutgers, and I think he can land the starting job there.

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Furthermore, it was great that both quarterback and program departed on such good terms. These days, it’s unique to see. I would love for Nebraska to have the opportunity to face Vedral. That would certainly make for an interesting subplot come gameday.

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