Nebraska Baseball: Program continues to look in-state for top talent

Nebraska baseball landed a commitment from a local pitcher on Thursday.

Lately, I have been talking about Nebraska football recruiting and how they have extended offers the players, made the final lists of others, and are in a position to land some individuals. However, the Nebraska baseball program has been doing work as well. On Thursday, the program landed a commitment from 2022 pitcher Nate Moquin.

The name might be familiar to some. Moquin pitches for Millard South High School. He is the second commitment in the 2022 class for Will Bolt’s program. One of the things that makes him special in particular is his fastball velocity.

According to, his velocity for the pitch tops out at 83 miles per hour. This is certainly an encouraging sign for Nebraska baseball, as he has room to grow. It’s also important to recognize that in today’s game, you need to have a good fastball. Hitters are getting better at reading pitches and it is important to have an out pitch.

It’s encouraging to see that the Nebraska baseball program is taking flyers on kids from the state. The state has a lot of talent when it comes to high school baseball, and it would not be right if Nebraska did not at least explore what they have in their own backyard. There is certainly a ton of talent on the high school circuit.

If Bolt and his staff can build a proverbial fence around Nebraska, that would be great for recruiting. Bolt is a guy who has been in this program, and he knows what it means to play for this program. If he can get that message across to Nebraska high schoolers, that’s even better.

I’ll be interested to see how this kid grows. He was a freshman last year, and it already seems like he possesses a ton of skill. If he continues an upward trajectory, he could be very good by his junior year of high school. You can bet that Nebraska baseball will be watching his development closely as they look to stockpile talent for the future. Anytime a new program is being built, it’s important to look ahead. Nebraska certainly has done that.

I’m excited to see what Moquin can do and how he can help the program moving forward. Bolt definitely has the program headed in the right direction. Now, it’s going to be all about execution. I have faith that he can put a solid program together in no time.

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