Nebraska football: Khalil Davis first player taken in FanSided mock draft

Davis could be the first Nebraska Football player taken in the draft.

This a ton of speculation in regards to which Nebraska football player will get taken first in the draft. On Monday, we got a little bit of insight into who it may be. FanSided released their latest draft preview and Khalil Davis was the first selected.

Logan Jakubajtys had Davis going in the fifth round with the 160th overall pick to Philadelphia.

This draft pick would make a ton of sense for the Philadelphia Eagles. As we git to see at Nebraska, Davis can both stop the run and rush the passer. As far as what that means for Philadelphia, I truly believe that he is a bit better as a run-stopper.   The Eagles were pretty solid in that area, giving up the third-least amount of yards on the season in total with 1,442.

When you take a look at the Philadelphia Eagles defensive line, there is a fair amount of youth and veteran leadership. Perhaps the staple of the line, Brandon Graham is 32 years of age. That is certainly not old by football standards. However, he has a lot of miles on him. I could see Davis being added as a depth piece to help out Philadelphia.

The Eagles as a whole are team that prides themselves on rushing the passer and getting after the quarterback. They also pride themselves as a team on the defensive line unit. That defensive line has been strong for years. Philadelphia has always tried to make it even better.

A pick here for Davis would make a ton of sense. Although defensive line is not the Eagles most pressing need, they certainly could use reinforcements. Davis has the ability to both play the run and the pass.  It’s what made him so effective at Nebraska.

I will be interested to see where all Nebraska players end up. There will certainly be a lot to cover in this draft, and Nebraska could be represented on the second or third day. Particularly for a player such as Lamar Jackson, there is little doubt that he will be selected. Last year was a bit of a disappointment in terms of drafting for Nebraska, as no players were selected in the draft. This year, I truly believe it will be a little bit different.

Davis was a great player for Nebraska, and I truly believe his skills will translate. If so, that would be a huge win for the program and give them another player in the bright lights of the National Football League.