Nebraska Football: Travis Vokolek is impressing the coaching staff

The Nebraska Football tight end is turning heads.

In the midst of everything that is happening right now, I love to hear some great news. Thursday, a report from Parker Gabriel of the Lincoln Journal Star certainly fit into that category. As Gabriel notes, Scott Frost has made it clear that a certain tight end is making progress.

Travis Vokolek would be the person Frost is referring to. The transfer from Rutgers certainly figures to be in the mix at the tight end position once football resumes. As far as I’m concerned, the tight end competition Is wide open for Nebraska. Nebraska already does not use the tight end a ton in their offense, and Jack Stoll and Austin Allen did not exactly set the world on fire last season.

Vokolek certainly has the size. Measuring in at six-foot-five, 250 pounds, he has the makings of a tight end who can be a threat, especially in the red zone. Although he wasn’t exactly productive at Rutgers prior to transferring to Nebraska, that wasn’t necessarily his fault. The offense of the Scarlet Knights really didn’t utilize the tight end a ton (sounds familiar). Now, he looks to fit in with Nebraska as they look to revamp their offense.

So far, it appears that Vokolek is taking the necessary steps to be an impactful player. At the very least, he has caught the coaches attention. That certainly counts for something, considering the lack of production the program got at the tight end position last season. If Nebraska can get good momentum and reps from the tight end position once practices resume, that should bode well for the start of the season.

“Guys get out of redshirt years kind of what they put into them,” he said. “There’s some guys who put it in cruise control and don’t get a lot out of it and other guys who work to learn it and get better. I think Travis has improved since the day he got on campus. That’s going to be a fun competition and battle at the tight end spot, too. (Senior Jack Stoll and junior Austin Allen) are a little bit limited in spring ball, so Travis is going to get a lot of reps.

Now is his time to shine. Especially with Stoll and Allen being hurt, he needs to make the most of his reps. Obviously, you never want to see players banged up at the position. However, for a new player coming into the program, this could be his time to show that he can stand out.

It will be interesting to see how the tight end position performs. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t really excited with the depth heading into the offseason. I am now, especially with how Vokolek seems to be emerging. It will be interesting to see exactly what type of role he plays for Nebraska in 2020. He certainly has a ton of potential. . Now, he just needs to focus on making the most of it.

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