Nebraska Basketball: With low expectations, Big Ten Tournament intrigues

Nebraska Basketball has little to lose and everything to gain.

Nebraska basketball ended the regular season on Sunday with a 107-75 loss to Minnesota. It was kind of an expected result for a team that has not won a game since January 3. With growing pains and young players two huge storylines for the 2020 season, we knew it could be a tough go.
Now, the Big Ten tournament is next for Nebraska basketball.

Normally, I would be a little bit disappointed in regards to this tournament. Do I think they are going to go very far best mark now. However, this Nebraska basketball team has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Thus, I am a little excited.

It will be an uphill battle certainly. With no Cam Mack or Dachon Burke, things are definitely going to be tough. Mack was a huge part of the Nebraska basketball team this year, and his scoring kept them in several games. Burke was also a big part of the program, using his speed and quickness to drive to the hoop to facilitate for others.

Even still, I am looking forward to the Big Ten tournament. The run for Nebraska basketball may only last one game, but it will certainly give the rest of the players on the roster some experience. That is something they desperately need.

The way I look at it, any opportunity that Nebraska basketball has to continue playing with each other is a bonus. There are certainly some young players who have made strides this season.
Yvan Ouedraogo is one of them. He has definitely improved his play, and has become a solid rebounder. As this roster continues to gel together, we have seen games where they are firing on all cylinders. In particular, there fast-break game is something to behold. That fast-paced style is going to be a trademark for Nebraska basketball moving forward.

Again, I’m not expecting Nebraska basketball to win the Big Ten tournament, nor am I expecting them to go very far. However, this team could capture lightning in a bottle. You never know what could happen in these types of tournaments.

They call the month of March one of madness for a reason. As this team and program continues to build itself, this next week or so will give us a good look at what the future holds for next year and beyond. Don’t forget, Fred Hoiberg had to rebuild this program from scratch, and he did so in one offseason.

Now, Nebraska basketball will get set to take on Indiana on Wednesday. These two programs have already had great games this season. I would certainly expect another one on Wednesday. Even in a lost season of sorts, I’m looking forward to it.

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