Nebraska Baseball: Better pitching imperative against San Diego State

The Nebraska baseball pitching needs to be better on Saturday.

Nebraska baseball is set to get underway in a little less than an hour. Before they head into Saturday’s game against San Diego State, one that fact needs to be said. They need to pitch better if they want to have a chance to win.

Friday night’s game against San Diego was a mixed bag. The starter Gareth Stroh did alright. In five innings of work, he gave up four hits and three earned runs but he struck out four. It was the bullpen that really did not do Nebraska baseball any favors. Max Schreiber pitched an inning and a third, giving up four hits and five runs, four of them earned. Tyler Martin came in for a bit as well, giving up an earned run and walking one. As the Nebraska offense surged towards 11 runs, it was up to closer Shay Schanaman to get the job done.

He did the opposite, giving up two hits and two earned runs in an inning of work. Falling  to 0-2 on the season, he is failing to get the job done to this point. The Nebraska pitching needs to be better against a San Diego State team that has talent. They are currently 4-1 on the season and are coming off a 4-1 win over Iowa. This team is no slouch.

San Diego State is also a very good hitting team. They have a team average of .284. That is remarkably better than their combined opponent’s batting average of .249. Simply put, this is not going to be another easy game for Nebraska baseball pitching. When you really look at what Nebraska baseball is up against this weekend, this is not going to be an easy couple of days for them at all.

However, the fact remains that pitching continues to be a problem for this team. Hopefully, they will right the ship before it’s too late. You would hate to see them fall  deep into a hole right at the beginning of the season. However, the baseball season is long, so there is time for them to turn the ship around. Hopefully, they can do it starting tonight.

There is no problem with the offense, just look at last night. 11 runs should be enough to win a ballgame. It’s the pitching that is weighing down this team. Once they get that in order, Nebraska baseball should be able to find success.

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