Nebraska Football: Program continues to tighten up special teams

Nebraska football continues to improve their special teams.

Nebraska football is adding some more depth at special teams. According to multiple media reports, the program is adding Sami Khawja to the roster as a walk-on. The punter is from IMG Academy, known for producing talented athletes.

He is the No. 77 punter in the 2020 class, and he certainly has talent.  He had a 36.8 yard average, and he landed six punts inside the 20-yard line. He will replace Isaac Armstrong who recorded 40.86 yards per punt.

This is certainly an interesting development. Having somebody walk on as a punter is always interesting. Khawja certainly has talent. We have seen Nebraska take a very aggressive approach towards the special-teams unit. They hired a special teams analyst earlier in the week, and now they are trying to revamp their special teams talent on the roster.

Special teams is an extremely important part of the game, so I command Nebraska for wanting to take an aggressive approach to fixing the unit. Khawja is a big get for the unit all things considered. Especially when you consider that the Nebraska football program is putting together an overhaul at the position, he is certainly a solid punter for an overhaul.

It’s interesting that he is coming on as a walk-on. I’ll be interested to see what type of talent Nebraska has in the walk-on class. The walk-on program is something that Nebraska has he used to their full advantage. It doesn’t seem like there is an exception here.

I’ll be interested to see if he can crack the roster and be able to provide an impact. Usually with special teams players, a program is able to find a use for them. Although this is a depth move, special teams is extremely important. I have a feeling we will see Khawja on the field sooner rather than later.

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