Nebraska Basketball: Kobe King would add spark to team

Nebraska basketball is said to be in the mix for King.

Nebraska basketball could be in the market for one of the better players in college basketball. According to a report from Brian Christopherson of 247Sports, the program has reached out to guard Kobe King.

Formally of Wisconsin, he was the Badgers’ second-leading scorer the season. He has scored 12.6 points per contest in conference play, leading the team. He was a big reason why Wisconsin beat Nebraska on January 21. He recorded nine points and five assists as Wisconsin rolled by an 82-68 score.

I hope Nebraska basketball can land him. He would bring experience on a young roster that needs consistent scorers. He is an explosive scorer that can put the ball in the hoop and make plays for others around him. I would love to see him with the likes of Cam Mack and Dachon Burke.

In addition to Nebraska basketball, Iowa State, Xavier, and Northern Iowa have also reached out to King.

Now, the big question is whether Nebraska basketball landing King is realistic? In my personal opinion I would say the Huskers have as good a chance as anybody.

The type of up-tempo offensive system that Nebraska plays would certainly benefit King. It would allow him to have the ball in his hands frequently. This Nebraska basketball offensive system is one that relies heavily on the guards. I wouldn’t expect that to change anytime soon either, as it has produced great results from the likes of  Mack and Burke

I would also imagine that more schools than the ones listed above will be reaching out to him. I would certainly consider Nebraska to be in the mix to land him, but I wouldn’t say it’s a guarantee that he comes to Lincoln.

Landing Kobe King would be an exciting get for the Nebraska basketball program. It would give Nebraska another consistent scorer and it would also give them another athletic playmaker. They have a bevy of them already, but several of them are still young. It will be interesting to see where his recruitment goes. He is certainly a talented player.

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