Nebraska Baseball: Program’s new uniforms look pretty sharp

Nebraska baseball will be sporting some new uniform next season.

The Nebraska baseball season will be here before you know it, and late Friday night, they unveiled some new uniforms. It seems like every program now has a plethora of uniforms these days. Personally, I think the Nebraska ones looked pretty sharp.

As Nebraska baseball gets set to undergo their first campaign with Will Bolt as head coach, they have been busy recruiting. Over the past couple of days, they have landed commitments and in turn we have begun to see what type of team they will have for the future.

Nevertheless, this is going to be a process that is not going to happen overnight. Much like the football and basketball programs, it will take a couple years before we may see them reach an elite level. However, Will Bolt has put together a determined staff that wants to win. There is something to be said for that. Bolt understands what Nebraska baseball tradition means, and how he can get the program back to winning ways.

New uniforms will undoubtedly help recruiting and allow the players to wear something newer. I have high hopes for the Nebraska baseball program maybe not right now, but within the next couple of years. They are assembling a team and program full of talent. After a decent season last year, this group will be tasked with trying to continue the tradition of success. It will be difficult given that this program received a facelift in the offseason, but that’s the beauty of college sports. Unexpected things can happen .

It will be interesting to see which games Nebraska baseball will wear each uniform. I would have to think that each uniform will be worn at a certain time. It’s interesting that Nebraska baseball is getting new uniforms. The football program as you may recall, is experimenting with new uniforms as well.

This seems to be just part of the facelift that Nebraska athletic programs are getting. I’ll be interested to see how the baseball team does. They certainly have a lot of different pieces, and a lot of young talent. In what could be considered a rebuild, I have a feeling that this team will be able to do just fine. I could definitely see them playing into late May next year, particularly if they are able to string together a couple of wins in the later part of the season. After all, it’s not necessarily about how you start, but rather how you finish.