Nebraska Basketball: Kevin Cross is beginning to break through

Cross has been playing well for Nebraska basketball.

Despite Nebraska basketball’s tough loss to Michigan on Tuesday night, there were some positive things to take away from the game. One of them was the play of Kevin Cross. After having a great game against Wisconsin last week and struggling against Rutgers on Saturday, it was nice to see him play at a high level.

Cross finished with 17 points in 21 minutes of action. He went six-of-11 from the field and three-of-five from behind the three-point line.  After having a tough game against Rutgers on Saturday, it was nice to see him bounce back on Tuesday. He finished Saturday’s contest against Rutgers with four points. However, plenty of other players managed to pick up his slack.

It is nice to see Cross beginning to find his shot and playing at a high level. At the beginning of the season, he looked extremely lost. It was almost like he wasn’t sure what type of player he was going to be. He had the ability to shoot from outside, but it looked like at times he wanted to be a presence in the paint, and score inside. Now, it seems like he knows that he wants to try and hit everything from a mid-range jumper to a shot from behind the three-point line.

As a freshman, I’m not expecting him to be an All-American right away. He has to continue to work and develop his game. However, it is encouraging that he is starting to find his role. Once he finishes this season, he can continue getting better at what he excels at. I would say that his mid-range game is the best weapon in his arsenal. If he can continue to improve that part of his game, as well as work on his outside shot, he will be one of the top players in the Big Ten in no time. In a league full of shooters, the way he plays is a perfect fit.

At six-foot-eight, 240 pounds, he definitely has the body type to be a matchup problem for opponents. As is the case with the rest of the Nebraska basketball program this year, the 2019-20 season is one for development and learning how to play together. I’m encouraged with what I’m seeing from Cross right now. Hopefully, he will continue to get better from here on out.  He has a chance to be a steal for Nebraska basketball in the coming years

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