Nebraska Football: Team would be wise to bring in Sean Snyder

Nebraska Football could use his help.

Nebraska football is looking to have a special teams analyst for the 2020 season, and the son of a coaching legend is a potential candidate. Sean Snyder, son of legendary Kansas State football coach Bill Snyder is being considered by Nebraska for the position.

It’s interesting that Nebraska would want to have a special teams analyst. Special teams was a huge problem for Nebraska last year, so I am not against this move at all. It seemed like they allowed many touchdowns and big returns last season. Anything to sure up to special teams is a win in my book. Snyder also has a very impressive resume, so he’s not exactly someone Nebraska picked up off the street.

He was the 2017 special teams coordinator of the year, and Kansas State was known for their special teams for a stretch of time. From 2014-17, Kansas State was among the top 10 teams in special teams efficiency. They finally got to the top in 2017, ranking number one in that category. That is certainly an impressive resume for Snyder.

Nebraska football would be wise to consider Snyder for this role. He obviously knows what he’s doing, and he would be another voice in the room who is an expert on special teams. Special teams is one of the most underrated parts of a football game, and it can make or break the outcome of the game. Nebraska football learned that the hard way last year. I specifically remember the Wisconsin game as an instance where kickoff returns changed the momentum of the game. Ultimately, Wisconsin won, and that swing of momentum with the returns was a big reason why.

Nebraska football needs to get better in many aspects of the game if they want to compete in 2020. I think bringing in Snyder would be a wise decision. Often times on Saturdays, it was evident that the little things were missed by Nebraska. That needs to be fixed, and rectifying the mistakes on special teams is one way they can do that.