Nebraska Football: Scott Frost is right about lack of leadership

The Nebraska Football coach spoke his mind on Tuesday.

Nebraska football head coach Scott Frost addressed the media on Tuesday, and he made some interesting comments in regards to leadership on the roster. This isn’t the first time that leadership has been brought up as something that needs to be addressed or fixed. In fact, it seems like it’s brought up quite frequently. Nevertheless, Nebraska can only focus on beating Maryland at the moment.

Even still, it’s troubling that the head coach does not think there is leadership. Truthfully, I haven’t seen any real leaders for this team yet either. I shouldn’t really be expecting any at this point, it’s almost the end of the season. However, my hope is that there are some opportunities for underclassmen to carry leadership skills into next season. Nevertheless, it’s very telling when the coach doesn’t think leadership is present.

Hearing that disappoints me. I figured some of the seniors would have taken on more of a role in terms of leading. I could certainly see where that wouldn’t be the case. It has not shown up on the field for the most part. Even freshman Wan’Dale Robinson, called out the lack of leadership on the part of the seniors. Although he did not mention them directly by name, it was evident that’s who he was talking about.

As for right now, Frost doesn’t think leadership is where it needs to be, as he told the media on Tuesday.

“We still don’t have leadership where we need it to be,” Frost said. “We have some good leaders, but not enough, and we still have a few pieces that are working against that — that doesn’t help.”

He also noted that once Adrian Martinez and tight end Austin Allen become seniors, that there will be more leadership in place. However, that quote is concerning. That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement for many of the upperclassman. Leadership has definitely been lacking this year, and it’s a bit interesting and refreshing for the head coach to come out and say it.

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As the 2019 season winds to a close, there is no doubt that things really to change in 2020. I believe they well. Year three is going to be crucial for both Scott Frost and the program. Nebraska Football is still a while away from competing at a high level, but the 2020 season could serve as a building block for all involved in the program.

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