Nebraska Football: A quick-thinking Adrian Martinez is needed Saturday

The Nebraska Football quarterback needs to be on top of his game.

Nebraska Football quarterbacks coach Mario Verduzco hit the nail on the head on Wednesday when describing Adrian Martinez. It hasn’t been a great year for the sophomore quarterback as he has seemed to struggle a bit. Nevertheless, his performance over these final weeks could completely change the outlook of his season.

In speaking to the media, the quarterbacks coach said Martinez hasn’t been as decisive as last season when it comes to decision-making. I can certainly agree with that. I have seen times where Martinez looks like he is making proper reads and quick throws. Other times, Martinez is completely missing throws, making wrong reads, and holding onto the football too long. In particular, it seems like he misses the underneath receiver.

In Nebraska Football’s last time out against Purdue, Martinez did a better job of deciding whether to throw or run with the football. He ran the football with great success towards the end of the game, and he actually scored the go-ahead touchdown. In what was a rough day for the defense, the Huskers couldn’t hold the lead. Aside from just the touchdown, I really liked how quickly Martinez was able to make decisions and trust his instincts.

Verduzco was absolutely correct what he said Martinez has not been as decisive this year as last. He will certainly need to be sharp against a tough Wisconsin team that will capitalize on mistakes. A quick-thinking Adrian Martinez will lead to a shot at the Huskers upsetting Wisconsin. There are a lot of things that need to go right for Nebraska Football. The sharp play of Martinez has to be one of them. Thinking less and trusting his instincts more will go a long way towards keeping Nebraska in the game on Saturday. That’s something he has not done at points the season.

“It might just be to the fact, that it’s his second year, that sort of thing and he has this idea in his head that he has to be perfect. Just play. We’ve done all the work we need to do from week to week and so on and so forth. Then when it’s gameday, just go play. Have some fun.”

Hopefully, we’ll see an Adrian Martinez who is ready to play and think less. Normally, I would want him to think more. However, thinking less may be what makes the difference between Nebraska Football winning and losing on Saturday. I have a feeling he will be sharp for this game. I certainly hope so, as I want to see the Adrian Martinez of 2018 make an appearance at Memorial Stadium.

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