Nebraska Football: Huskers need Wan’Dale Robinson to play Saturday

He is the engine that makes the Nebraska Football offense run.

Nebraska Football is certainly going to be in for a challenge when they face Wisconsin on Saturday. According to multiple media reports, that challenge could become a lot tougher. Freshman sensation Wan’Dale Robinson could miss Saturday’s game.

According to Troy Walters, Robinson is a little bit banged up. This is not something new. Robinson has taken his fair share of hits over the past couple of games. Due to the fact that he has been utilized so heavily in these games, his bumps and bruises probably have not gotten any better. Nevertheless, this is not something encouraging to hear. Nebraska Football needs Robinson to play on Saturday.

For better or for worse, Robinson has been the only consistent weapon on the Nebraska offense. He plays hard game in and game out, and he always gives maximum effort. As soon as he touches the football, it seems as though he breaks a big play or rattles off a big run. Nebraska has certainly been fortunate that Robinson has played at a consistent level throughout the entirety of the season. I’m not saying he is like this player in terms of skill set, but he reminds me a little bit of Christian McCaffrey. The Carolina Panthers rely so heavily on McCaffrey to produce, and the same thing is true with Nebraska Football and Robinson.

Due to the fact that Robinson can produce consistent offense, not having him against Wisconsin could be a huge blow. Hopefully, he is healthy and ready to go. He has been the security blanket for quarterback Adrian Martinez throughout the entire season, and it almost seems like the offense in general relies too much on Robinson to get the job done. With Martinez seeming unable to locate downfield receivers, and the offensive line certainly not doing Martinez any favors, Robinson has been the player that has bailed out the offense.

Walters was noncommittal on whether Robinson would be able to play on Saturday.

“We’ll see,” Walters said of Robinson. “He’s kind of banged up. He’s working to get back and we’ve got to play who we have and we’ll see game time what he can do and we’re going to put him in the best situation to be successful. We’ll wait and see.”

I hope Robinson can play. He brings so much to that offense, and it’s impressive what he has been able to do as a freshman. If he can’t play, Nebraska Football will have to look for other ways to create offense. They certainly have the weapons, they just need to focus on getting those weapons the ball. As this season has proven, that appears to be easier said than done.

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It will be interesting to see if Robinson can play. I really hope he can. He is a vital part of the offense, and Nebraska Football will definitely need to use him on Saturday.

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