Nebraska Football Tailgate: Road trip to face Purdue

Nebraska Football is set for a big game against Purdue.

Last week, much like the current north wind, left me cold with the Husker loss. Even Head Coach Scott Frost had a bit of an arctic bite to him. At halftime he called it “dumbass stupid mistakes.” I can’t think of a more frigid way to address an offense that has been frozen since the Northwestern game. Let’s hope that lit a fire under their butts for this week.

Once again Husker QB Adrian Martinez was absent from the starting lineup last week. It was chilling to watch the backup, Noah Vedral, and the backup to the backup, Luke McCaffrey, get hurt too (ankle and knee respectively). Then there was what I call the “political defense”: A group of people with a complete lack of ability to communicate in order to be effective. For more on the blackshirt disaster check here.

But I’m not looking back, I’m looking forward. Nebraska is playing Purdue at 11 am on FOX. Fortunately for us the other guys are playing worse than we are so far (2-6). The bad news for the Huskers is that they are saying their amazing running back, Rondale Moore will be back in action. Great. Nebraska will need to keep Purdue from thawing out their bad run game (2.37 yard average).

Good news for the Huskers, and something that should warm your heart, Adrian Martinez is “ready to be back” and is “fired up.” It’s been over 3 weeks since we last saw our sophomore slinger. I think perhaps it may be weighing in on his mind that the McCaffrey kid looked pretty good. It was cool to hear the Husker crowd chant “Luuuuuke” at the last game he admitted to the press this week.

Even the Nebraska coaches were keeping things “frosty” this week when they practiced outside Wednesday amid the temperatures in the low 30’s. The forecast for the Boilermakers v. Huskers in West Lafayette, Indiana on Saturday is for a high of 40 with partly cloudy skies. Perhaps the thought of a warm bench will persuade the defense into getting off the field on third downs this week. The Husker Defensive Coordinator Erik Chinander should make it a priority. He would be on the HOT seat if I was in charge!

Not much comes to mind when I think of Purdue, other than the chicken company. What I would like the Huskers to do is shred Purdue so I found a recipe I make (borrowed from Kevin & Amanda) with shredded chicken. You will need shredded roasted chicken, eggs, mozzarella cheese, basil pesto and Pillsbury crescent rolls.

Roll the crescent dough into the bottom of a 9 x 13 greased pan. Place the 3/4 pound boneless skinless shredded chicken breast and 1.5 cups pesto mix on top of the dough. Whip together 8 eggs and salt and pepper to taste then pour on top of the chicken mixture. Spread the cup (or more) of the mozzarella cheese on top. Bake uncovered at 350 for 30 minutes and let cool. Serve it up!

As for cocktails this week, Husker kickoff is set for 11 am, but it’s noon somewhere. I’m in the mood for something to warm me up to the rest of the football season. I love me some coffee with the Bailey’s flavors or Kahlua. But if we’re going to get this party started toward enough Husker wins to make it to a bowl game, I want HOT SEX in my coffee. It has a chai taste but with a little kick. It will take the shiver out of you for sure!

Get out of bed and snuggle up to whatever keeps you warm on Saturday. Now that the wide receivers are warming up to getting separation and actually catching the ball, I look forward to Adrian Martinez bringing home a Husker win! Don’t forget to share your tailgate photos with me at @Kelian_NE on the twitter! As always, GO BIG RED!

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