Nebraska Football: Indiana AD’s dig at program puzzling

Throughout the week, Nebraska Football did things the right way.

In the wake of Nebraska Football’s loss to Indiana, the Indiana athletic director had some interesting comments in regards to the program. Personally, I don’t see where he is coming from. Maybe some other stuff will come out later this week.

All throughout the week, I got the sense that the coaching staff really respected the Indiana program. They are one of the up-and-coming  programs in the Big Ten, and as they showed yesterday, they have tremendous offensive and defensive capabilities. I didn’t see anything over the course of the week that could be construed as bulletin board material. Nevertheless, athletic director Fred Glass felt that Nebraska didn’t respect the program.

He made the comments after the team’s win on Saturday. As he told the IndyStar, he didn’t feel as though Nebraska respected their football program. Again, I didn’t see anything over the course of the week that could be considered bulletin board material, so I’m not really sure where his comments are coming from.

“I’m very, very happy for our kids and very, very happy for our fans, because like Tom said tonight, we’re sick of talking about how close we’ve been, one to a signature win and two to qualify for a bowl,” Glass said, speaking shortly before flying back to Bloomington with IU’s traveling party. “To hit both of those things today at Nebraska was particularly gratifying, particularly knowing Nebraska’s staff had no respect for our program.”

I’m not exactly sure why he thought that Nebraska’s staff did not respect Indiana. I can see maybe where he would think that Nebraska’s fans do not respect Indiana as they were booing due to the amount of “injuries.” I’m not really sure where he is getting the fact that he thought the coaching staff didn’t respect Indiana.

Scott Frost himself is very tight-lipped. As we all know, he is very hesitant to give up any information at a press conference. We didn’t even know who the starting quarterback was until the quarterbacks were out on the field. If there were any indications during the course of the game that the coaching staff did not respect Indiana, I didn’t see them. I thought both teams played a hard-fought football game and both competed hard. At the end of the day, that’s all you can ask for.

In any event, Nebraska Football has a lot of work to do ahead of their game against Purdue next weekend. Hopefully, they can right the ship as their road to a bowl game just became more difficult.