Husker Football Tailgate: Finding out Hoosier better team

(Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)
(Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images) /

Ok, so I took a little creative license with that title. WHO cares. It’s also question I think the Husker coaches are asking in the locker room. It’s obvious Maurice Washington doesn’t care. He doesn’t care enough to put down the smoke and follow the rules. I give Coach Frost a lot of props for not giving up on him until he had to and yet still enforcing the rules. Shame on you Mo. Hopefully his story turns out better than Lawrence Phillips

This week I believe Nebraska needs to find out WHO we are. To borrow a lyric from Ed Sheeran and Khalid – “we are not beautiful.”  In fact, we are far from it. At this point I would settle for “not ugly.” We have issues at center, we have BIG issues on the O-Line. This doesn’t even get to the BIGGER issue of WHO will be our quarterback. The official word on both Husker QB Adrian Martinez (knee) and Noah Vedral (undisclosed) is “? for Saturday” as well as running back Wyatt Mazour (concussion).

But WHO you gonna call? (it’s ok to say “Ghostbusters” to yourself there.) It’s backup city in the Husker running back room as well. With no Mo, and no Rahmir Johnson if they can help it because of preserving his redshirt, it’s up to Dedrick Mills. Fyi…there are 13 running backs on the roster so WHO is next up after Mills intrigues me.

Indiana has a tough D-Line so it’s going to be another game where the Husker QB must find some receivers. It will be Men at Work find out WHO can it be now to catch the ball. No Wan’Dale Robinson. Tight End Jack Stoll has been as MIA as his mullet. Kade Warner, Jaron Woodyard and Jaevon McQuitty have been as absent as Nebraska’s kicking game.

The Hoosiers are 5-2 and won their last 2 conference games against Illinois and Rutgers.  Indiana played 2 different quarterbacks last game, starter Marcelino Ball and Peyton Ramsey off the bench. Both are redshirt juniors. WHO they start is still unknown. The Husker blackshirts will need to shut down running back Stevie Scott III WHO went over 100 yards last week (again) on just 18 carries.

WHO they have on their special teams is a factor as well. Indiana 5th year senior Logan Justus has made EVERY field goal and PAT (9 and 27) this year. The Husker football team hasn’t even had a kicker this year. WHOOP, there it is!

Huskers are going to have to get after Indiana’s QB (WHOmever it may be) in order to be effective. Fortunately they are first in the B1G for allowing sacks. Blackshirts are going to need to be present and playing well. The Iron N is calling for a blackout in support of the black alternate jerseys being worn on Saturday. Do your best to be WHO the fan base should be – supportive of the team and LOUD!

The Husker season has definitely take a downside DIP. It’s not the 9-3 or 10-2 season we had all hoped for. That dip leads me to my tasty treat for this weekend. I call them Scooby Snacks! *sing WHO let the dogs out here* Soak maraschino cherries in Captain Morgan, Fireball whiskey or your fav flavor of alcohol overnight. Melt almond bark until smooth. Dry off the cherry and then dip it into the bark. Chill them up and serve!

I went back to basics for this week’s snack, red velvet cupcakes with black icing. You will need black cocoa powder, or cocoa noir for the icing. Get the icing recipe here from Kara’s Couture Cakes! It will look and taste great and is a fun option for Halloween.

The game is at 2:30 and will be televised on BTN. Bring your treats, wear your Black and/or Red and be WHO the players need you to be — present and LOUD! As always, GO BIG RED!