Nebraska Football: Team taking it slow with Jahkeem Green

(Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images)
(Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images) /

He has a chance to be a stud for the Nebraska Football defense in the coming years.

Nebraska Football is trying to acclimate their new defensive lineman as he looks to show what he is made of over the course of the next couple of weeks. Jahkeem Green is undoubtedly going to be a major part of the defense moving forward. Right now, it is all about going over the basics.

Green selected Nebraska Football on the final day of July, as there were some questions as to what school he would pick. Thankfully, he picked the Huskers. His size and speed will undoubtedly be assets to the program. He will definitely be a major asset to a team that is going to be losing some key defensive players over the next couple of years. Right now however, he is getting acclimated to his surroundings.

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It appears that Nebraska Football is taking it slow with Green. He undoubtedly has to get used to his new surroundings, and there are probably a bunch of things he has to learn defensively. With his pure talent and skill, he certainly has the ability to mask his mistakes. Nevertheless, Nebraska undoubtedly wants the entire team to be on the same page. That was something that was lacking last year, and that was a big reason why they went 4-8.

Even still, Green has looked pretty good in limited reps. As head coach Scott Frost told Parker Gabriel of the Lincoln Journal Star, it is evident why he was so highly regarded as soon as he steps on the field. His skill set will ( hopefully) overpower offensive lineman. I can’t wait to see what happens once he begins facing opponents instead of his teammates. I have a feeling he will up the ante just a little bit.

"“I’ve never adjusted a scrimmage for one guy, but we went live for 90% of the scrimmage and the last 10 or 15% was ‘thud’ because he wasn’t able to wear pants yet. He was in shells only,” Frost said. “We got him some reps. He’s obviously a talented kid. He’s got some work to do to get in the type of conditioning that the other guys are in, but you could definitely see, just today, some flashes of what the guy can do.”"

Conditioning will certainly be key for him. It’s crucial for everybody, but this training camp sounds especially grueling. The physicality that Nebraska football has elected to play with has been a little bit surprising. It sounds like they are going pedal-to-the-metal all throughout practice. Conditioning obviously plays a big factor into training camp, and it should be fun to see Green once he reaches his top physical potential.

Green is going to be a player that I will watch closely. For him, it’s not a question of if he will take the field but when. My guess is that we’ll see him on the field sooner rather than later.