Nebraska Football: Depth coming into focus at wideout

The quarterbacks like what they see at wideout for Nebraska Football.

With a receiving group that is full of different faces, Nebraska Football will undoubtedly have some work to do in order to be ready for the fall. Even still, they possess a lot of talent at the position.

Perhaps even more than just talent alone, depth is going to be a big thing for the Nebraska wide receivers. That is something they did not have at times last year. Now, they do. However, a lot of the depth comes in the form of freshman. Even still, it is better to have some depth than none at all. Whatever the case may be, the quarterbacks are taking notice.

Noah Vedral is one of them. He is a backup in his own right, and he himself is part of a crowded quarterback room. Nebraska has suddenly gotten a boost at the position, as Luke McCaffrey seems to be impressing and playing well. As Adrian Martinez looks to have another great year, there is no doubt that the backup quarterbacks will also be in focus. Who will be second on the depth chart? This is one of the more intriguing battles on the entire Nebraska roster because it may decide who will be the quarterback for the program’s future.

Vedral spoke highly of the program’s depth at the receiver position earlier this week. He had nothing but great things to say about the young guys, and that makes me think that the future may be even brighter than I initially thought. Obviously, they’re going to go through somewhat of a learning curve during their freshman season, but they should be able to make an impact sooner rather than later. Particularly when Mike Williams and JD Spielman leave, holes could open up at the position that will allow some of these guys to play.

“We’ve got a lot of young guys Hunt, Wandale, Miles, all those guys are going to be really helpful,” he said. “And I’m going to miss some people that I would like to include in that group, but I wouldn’t even need to single out one. I mean, the whole group as a whole are really, really jumping out.”

I wasn’t exactly sure what the depth was going to look like, but it sounds as if Nebraska Football has themselves a collection of studs. As long as they keep progressing, they should be able to be really successful for the program.

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