Nebraska Basketball: 3 takeaways from Huskers loss to Minnesota

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The defense collapsed against Minnesota

Watching Nebraska give up 85 points was shocking with how well the Huskers have defended so far this season. The Huskers came ranked in the top-5 in scoring defense and field-goal percentage defense.

Teams were shooting about 35 percent against Nebraska before last night, however, the Gophers attacked the basket at will and with no shot-blocking presence inside, they had their way and shot 51 percent from the field.

Minnesota attempted only eight 3-pointers because it didn’t need to shoot 3’s. Nebraska could do nothing it seemed to stop Coffee or Jordan Murphy inside and it was troublesome how easily the Gophers got to the bucket and the free-throw line.

Minnesota was 24-of-32 from the stripe in the win, while the Huskers went 15-of-19. That is where the game was on, there is no question about it. Minnesota was the more aggressive and more physical team inside and it showed in the final score.