Nebraska Basketball: 3 things we learned from Huskers win over Clemson

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Beating Clemson was Nebraska’s best road win in a while

As Lunardi said, the win over Clemson was probably the best Nebraska basketball has had since it beat Wisconsin the last time it made the NCAA tournament, but it was also the best road win at least in a couple of seasons.

Nebraska did notch an impressive win over Michigan at home last season that could probably contend with the win last night. However, on the road, the Huskers were 4-7 last season. If there was one thing that kept them out of the tourney, it might have been that.

Nebraska basketball really had zero quality wins on the road. It beat a down Wisconsin team, as well as Northwestern, Minnesota and Rutgers. None of those wins was going to impress anybody last season, but now,  after beating Clemson, winning on the road is marked off on the checklist.

Not only is that a big deal in terms of the resume overall, but more than that, it shows that Tim Miles and company might actually have a chance to contend in the Big Ten conference. Doing that will require beating quality teams away from home and Monday night, NU showed its capable of doing that.