What learned about the Nebraska football team in their loss vs Wisconsin

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Nebraska football

(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

The Nebraska football team might have lost to the Wisconsin Badgers on Saturday but we were still able to learn some things in their defeat.

We’re now five games into the regular season. The Nebraska football team is a rather frustrating 0-5.

The latest loss is one that there appears to be at least a little bit of hope from. That’s because the Cornhuskers played the Badgers pretty well, especially to the way they played against the Michigan Wolverines.

While the Huskers are still losing and losing at a rate we haven’t seen in over 60 years, there are still some things that we can take away from yesterday’s 41-24 loss to the Wisconsin Badgers.

The first thing we learned on Saturday night is because the Badgers have the Huskers number when it comes to their running attack. That’s not just the couple of years either.

Jonathan Taylor in particular certainly understands how to take advantage of a weakened Nebraska front seven. He ran for over 200 yards for the second straight time.

What’s truly appalling is that Taylor is far from the only Wisconsin runningback that has managed to run over, around and through the Huskers defense. Taylor’s performance last night was actually the fifth time since 2012 that a Wisconsin back managed to get over 200 yards in a game.

Some of that is personnel, but clearly there is something to the way the Badgers are handling their business on offense. If the Nebraska football team is going to figure out a way to win against their Big Ten West rival, they’re going to need to figure out a way to stop that streak.

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