Scott Frost, Nebraska football get love from ESPN analyst

While there has been quite a bit of talk about the expected struggles of the Nebraska football team, one ESPN analyst is sold on Scott Frost.

There are lots of reasons why Scott Frost’s Nebraska football team might struggle in 2018. The schedule is certainly one of them.

As we get closer to the season, the number of people who think Frost and company are going to have a bad season is going down. That’s the good news.

The Cornhuskers have one of the toughest schedules in the country. Because of that, even people who think the Huskers are going to be better than expected are expecting the team to top out at seven wins.

More good news is that at least one ESPN analyst believes the Huskers are going to be better than people think and its head coach is a big reason why. Gameday analyst David Pollack was taking question from college football fans on Saturday and he got quite effusive when the question of just how good Nebraska was going to be in 2018 came up.

“Bro wherever Scott Frost is I’m on that bandwagon. Huskers will improve right away!” Pollack responded to a question about whether he was in “wat and see mode.”

It’s important to note that even Pollack was careful in his wording. “Improve” when talking about a team that went 4-8 a year ago isn’t that hard.

Technically 5-7 is an improvement. 6-6 is an improvement.

7-5 is a three-game swing that most fan bases outside Lincoln and the surrounding area would be quite happy about. Cornhusker fans are, it appears, not going to be all that excited about a 7-5 season.

The best news of all is that Scott Frost has a ton of goodwill built up. If 2018 isn’t as stellar as Nebraska football fans hope, there aren’t going to be calls for his firing.

Members of the national media having his back in a way they didn’t for Mike Riley will likely help as well.

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