Nebraska football: New NCAA rules will change the college football landscape

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The best thing about the rule, especially when it comes to a team like the Nebraska football team, is that it’s not limited to first-year players.

Imagine, if you will that Stanley Morgan is lighting up the scoreboard for the first three games, but (god forbid) suffers an injury that keeps him off the field for most of the rest of the season.

In the past, coaches might have rushed Morgan onto the field because they knew they were going to be losing him next year anyway. Morgan might have rushed himself back onto the field because he knew his eligibility was over anyway.

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With this new rule, a player that is playing for his NFL future might decide it makes more sense to put in one more season in college. As long as he hasn’t redshirted before, he can do so now without any negative repercussions.

Planning for the future of a team takes on a whole new meaning. Does anyone think Tristan Gebbia would have sat the bench all year last year if he could have appeared in as many as four games without losing eligibility?

Think about the incoming freshmen, not just Adrian Martinez, who could benefit from getting at least a little field time this season. For a squad rebuilding like the Nebraska football team, getting freshmen, and sophomores who might have been looking at a long season of knowing they aren’t playing into games here and there can be invaluable experience.