ESPN wants to remind fans that Nebraska football is likely going to struggle

LINCOLN, NE - NOVEMBER 24: Offensive tackle Cole Conrad
LINCOLN, NE - NOVEMBER 24: Offensive tackle Cole Conrad /
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The Nebraska football team’s 2018 season is an interesting one, according to ESPN because it appears they are either going to win going away, or lose by a lot. There are very few games that are right there in the middle.


To no one’s surprise, the Cornhuskers are supposed to beat the Akron Zips pretty handily. The MAC team posted a very respectable 7-7 record last year but they are still a MAC team.

The Huskers are said to have an 89.3 percent chance of winning their opener. That’s certainly good news when you take all the “new” things that the Cornhuskers are going to be breaking in during the first game of the year.


The Colorado Buffaloes had a surprise season two years ago. Last year, they fell back down to earth.

Despite no longer being the absolute doormat they have been over the last decade, it does not appear they are expected to put up much of a fight against the Huskers in the second week of the season.

Nebraska has a 79.9 percent chance of winning their game against Colorado and starting the season 2-0.


The Cornhuskers are actually expected to start out 3-0 on the year. That’s the good news.

The fact that Nebraska has an 87 percent chance of beating a Troy team that won 11 games a year ago is definitely something to be happy about. The bad news is that things start to go downhill once they get over Troy.


On September 29th, the Huskers play their first home Big 10 game against the Purdue Boilermakers. While they are given a 56.1 chance of winning the game, this is the closest thing to a “tossup” contest the Cornhuskers have on their schedule.

It makes sense the game would be predicted to be close, the matchup between the two teams has been close in the last few years. Purdue is also getting better under it’s new head coach.


October 20th is the date for the matchup against the Minnesota Golden Gophers. The Huskers have dominated this series since they moved to the Big Ten.

Despite renewed energy around the program, ESPN thinks the Huskers have a 65.1 percent chance of winning this matchup according to FPI. This is one of those must-win games if they want to be making a bowl game.


This is the last game on the schedule the Cornhuskers are expected to win. With a 74 percent chance of victory, the Nebraska football team is going to need to make sure it wins every single one of these.

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