Nebraska football: 5 unlikely heroes in the Huskers’ spring game

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One of the great things about Nebraska football spring games is you get to see players stand up that might not get the chance once the real season starts.

No, the stats that are amassed in Nebraska football’s spring game don’t count. Nor should they.

This is, after all a glorified practice. Players are playing against their teammates and, in this particular format, the deck is absolutely stacked.

Still, even when all the first and second teamers are on one squad, and the rest of the roster is on the other, you can get some performances that make you stand up and take notice.

It’s not always about the actual stats that a player puts up. Sometimes it’s just about the flash of talent those stats show.

Other times it really is about the stats. Such was the case with Adrian Martinez, who looked every bit the part of a Power 5 conference starting quarterback. The same could be said of Greg Bell.

The fact of the matter is the performances of those two players might not have been entirely expected, at least not to that degree, but we expected them to look good.

It’s the players we didn’t even think about being on the roster, or who came out of nowhere to shine that stood out to me.

Perhaps their performance in that spring game is going to spur them on to practice hard and try and see the field more once fall rolls around. Maybe they’re just showing that the Cornhuskers have a little more talent on the roster than we thought.

Whatever you want to read, or not read into these guys’ performances, there were a couple that were quite impressive because they came from players you probably didn’t expect to have stand out when the game began.