Nebraska Football’s tallest tasks for position coaches in 2018: Troy Walters

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Wide Receiver was arguably the most productive position group for Nebraska Football in 2017. What will be position coach Troy Walters’ tallest task in 2018?

When you think back to Nebraska Football‘s 2017 season, not a lot of good comes to mind. The wide receivers are one of a few exceptions. The dynamic duo Stanley Morgan and JD Spielman combined for over 1,800 yards receiving and 12 touchdowns. Throw in Demornay Pierson-El for 623 more yards and 5 more TDs.

While these three certainly displayed unique skill and versatility, the group just needs… more. Pierson-El has graduated. There is little production returning after Morgan and Spielman. The wide receiver position needs more diversity in 2018. It needs to take advantage of more hands. It needs more depth. This is Walters’ tallest task. Maximize personnel and diversify production.

Scott Frost‘s offense utilizes many wide receivers. They line up out wide, in the slot, and even in the backfield. That means some of the receivers on Nebraska’s roster will have to take on responsibilities of both a wide receiver and a running back. Who can fill these niches?

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Both Tyjon Lindsey and JD Spielman are players that have received praise from the new staff as the type that fit this offense. They are smaller, but they are quick and can make defenders miss. For this reason, they are likely the receivers that will be rotating between the slot and the backfield. It will especially be interesting to see what Lindsey can do in this role. He had a slow start in 2017 as a freshman, but it wouldn’t come as a shock if he had a breakout season in 2018.

Nebraska Football struggles with depth at wide receiver but there are some more players that could diversify production. Redshirt freshman Jaevon McQuitty had a chance at playing as a true freshman before he was injured, and will likely see the field plenty this season. Bryan Reimers and Keyan Williams are also interesting players, as they are veterans on the team but have not seen much of the field. One must wonder if that’ll change in 2018. JUCO transfers Jaron Woodyard and Mike Williams will also be available to play immediately.

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This will be an intriguing group to watch through spring ball. It is likely that nearly all the Nebraska football players mentioned will contribute in this offense, but the question is where and how. That is the tall task of Troy Walters in 2018.