Nebraska football: Exciting quarterback battle to come In 2018?

LINCOLN, NE - SEPTEMBER 02: Quarterback Tristan Gebbia
LINCOLN, NE - SEPTEMBER 02: Quarterback Tristan Gebbia /
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Nebraska football's Tristan Gebbia
Quarterback Tristan Gebbia /

Who is going to win the Nebraska football quarterback battle in 2018?

With a lot of change taking place in the Nebraska Football program, it’s not unwarranted to wonder who will be under center for the first snap of the 2018 football season.

Unfortunately, Scott Frost cannot be the head coach and the starting quarterback, but there are a few other more available candidates that can all make a case. Let’s introduce all them all.

All of these quarterbacks have unique attributes, but with Frost’s new scheme being installed, only one can fit it and run it best.

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History shows us that to call signals in Frost’s spread offense, one must be able to throw AND run and have the ability to think fast and extend plays.

Tanner Lee

Height/Weight: 6’ 4”/220 lb

Year: Senior

QB Type: Pro-Style

Let’s first address the elephant in the room: Tanner Lee. The 2017 season was a personal record-breaking one for the Louisiana native. He threw for 3,143 yards for 23 touchdowns and 16 interceptions. During his good moments, Lee could really sling it, but his interceptions plagued him for most of the season.

The biggest problem for Lee, however, lies in his -97 rushing yards on the season. We saw him take off out of the pocket a handful of times last season, but we usually held our breath as we watched his duck-footed scamper. Having seen guys like Marcus Mariota and McKenzie Milton, Lee’s running game will not cut it in a Frost offense.

Lee was a not a bad man to fill the position for a year, but I would not expect him to quarterback the 2018 Nebraska Football team. He will likely enter the NFL draft. This likely leaves some interesting options the rest of the way for the Nebraska football team.