Nebraska football: Huskers Commit, target visiting Tennessee

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Does Nebraska football have reason to worry about Jaron Woodyard?

The Nebraska football team got a commit for speedster Jaron Woodyard just earlier this week. Despite that commitment, he is one of the two Husker targets that is visiting Knoxville.

The good news is that Woodyard has alluded to the fact that this is just a trip to see another school. The bad news is that doesn’t mean he’s immune from changing his mind.

This is the risk that the brand new Cornhusker staff runs. Woodyard does not have a long-standing relationship with Nebraska. He wasn’t even offered a scholarship from the team until a few weeks ago.

No one could blame him if he decided that he’d rather go elsewhere. While Cornhusker fans hope they can keep him in the fold for the next five days, there’s always the chance he could change his mind.

It doesn’t help that Woodyard’s teammate is visiting with him. That teammate, is the other Husker target in Tennessee.

While there have been some who thought Woodyard committing to the Huskers could be a way to get his teammate as well, what if the reverse happens? What if Woodyard ends up getting drawn away from the Nebraska football team because he decides he wants to be a package deal with his JUCO teammate?